Nellis Air Force Base Address
Nellis AFB NV, 89191

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Nellis AFB
North Las Vegas


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Nellis Air Force Base

The namesake for Lieutenant William H. Nellis, Nellis is an Air Force Base which garrisons about 12,000 people on an area no larger than 8 km2 (the effective working zone). The total area of the base is of 46 km2. It is located in Clark County, Nevada, in the proximity of Las Vegas. The base's main mission is to: "to train troops in the fields of advanced combat tactics, development and operational testing".

Nellis AFB is home to the 53rd Wing and 57th Wing. The logo for the base depicts a saber and a wing, the symbols of power, accuracy and flight. Nellis is largely known for its long-term collaboration with the press. Recently, the base has been involved in many activities including a ceremonial honor-recognition festivity for which they have decided to hold a press conference.

Examples of aircraft which can be found at the base are F-22s, F-4 Phantoms and, amazingly, there are also 7 raptors at the base. All these to achieve their main goal, that of developing tactics to the troops. The educational facilities for children at the base are poor but they can find what they need in the neighboring cities of Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City.

The housing facilities are also few and far between, as there are no lodging methods at the base for outsiders. The easiest way to get a room is either to be a DoD member or to go to the near-by Las Vegas. The base has a museum, which is one of the attractions around. Another attraction would be the late-night life of Vegas.